American Idol Stars Bleed Country In Wicked Tribute To Chris Stapleton


Photo credit: Mel Macon/LA Times

This reunion was more epic than anyone could have imagined and showed everyone what kind of impromptu magic can happen when you put three incredibly bright minds in a room together!

Streaming live for just a few short minutes, the most recent winner of American Idol, Trent Harmon, and two other finalists who are all apparently close friends gave a tribute to one of the most influential modern country artists to hit the scene in the last few years.

Along with Harmon, fellow country singer Tristan McIntosh and their mutual friend and finalist Dalton Rapattoni all sat down on a couch for a quick scratch session that ended up in a truly beautiful three-part rendition a Chris Stapleton hit.

Stapleton, who also recently made his big debut at the 2015 CMA Awards, has been heralded by the country community for his uniquely-classic country sound true-to-his-roots style.

The ‘Idol’ trio, using just a single guitar, sang Stapleton’s 2013 debut single “What Are You Listening To” in a way that’s just magical!

Watch their full video and performance below!

Trend Harmon:
Tristan MaCintosh:
Dalton Rapattoni:

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