School of Rock Gives Back Tour ft Dalton Rapattoni in Teaneck, New Jersey

After being eliminated from the final season of American Idol in third place, Dalton Rapattoni promised that he’d find some way to thank fans around the world for supporting him throughout the show. That promise finally came true once Dalton announced that he’d be touring with the group of people who flourished his music ability at the early age of 11, School of Rock.

In the announcement video for the tour Dalton says, “I made a promise to you guys I was going to come around and thank every one of you personally for all the support you gave me, not only on Idol, but during my entire career as a whole.”

“Thanks to School of Rock, I am able to do that. With the School of Rock Gives Back Tour, I’m going to be coming around in multiple cities at School of Rocks and sitting in with their house bands for a couple of songs, and hanging out at their end of season shows. There will be a meet and greet, and that’s going to be free, just so I can thank every one of you.”

And that’s exactly what happened at the SOLD OUT Mexicali Live show in Teaneck, New Jersey July 24th. The first half and majority of the show was local School of Rock kids jamming out to their favorite cover songs, while the second half was Dalton singing with them as his house band.

Dalton covered songs with the talented kids such as “Let’s Go Crazy” by Prince, “Sulfrage City” by David Bowie, “Chocolate” by The 1975, and more.

After the show was the free meet and greet as promised. The generous group of people working with Dalton made everything work as smoothly as possible, doing a line for autographs first, followed by a line to get a photo/selfie with Dalton.

Being at this show didn’t feel like an average concert, it felt more like a family supporting each other while having the time of their lives. Seeing the smiles on the kids faces while performing with their idol was an experience that we’ll never forget.







Dalton Rapattoni Performing on Stage
Event: School of Rock Gives Back Tour
Feature: Dalton Rapattoni
Location: Teaeck New Jersey
Date: 24 July 2016

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